Love of Movies

I can't recall the first movie I ever saw. I want to say it was a theatrical re-release of Disney's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs."

Since then, I've written or co-written four feature length screenplays, participated in several short film projects and fell in love with the art of video editing.

Favorite Projects

Pretty much any video project I work on inevitably becomes my favorite. While I "toil," it is my baby.

Video cameras have been in my family my entire life, and so I was certainly brought up to love it. From script to screen, this field has had my full attention.

I have also created faux trailers and even started a series of movie posters for the solo screenplay I completed (see above right). Of course, that film remains unmade.

One of my many stage acting projects was with the Pittsburgh New Works Festival in 2010. Shortly afterward, I made a DVD for our small cast and produced an opening credits sequence.

Another theatrical piece I was involved in was Greensburg Civic Theatre's production of "The Scarlet Pimpernel." Below is the promotional trailer I created less than a week before opening night.


Like most folks who have dabbled in screenplays, there are several projects in my past that I started but never finished (for whatever reason).

I am fortunate, however, to have collaborated on three completed feature-length screenplays and to have also completed one feature-length screenplay on my own.

Registered Lethal

One of the aforementioned screenplays, Registered Lethal, is in preproduction. Years ago, I was going to direct this film, but it fell apart rather quickly due to lack of resources. My co-writer, Sean Dungee, is taking up the torch again. Visit and "Like" their Facebook page!.

When I am fortunate enough to edit together the video (for the actors' pleasure, certainly not for commercial gain), my favorite part is creating an end credit sequence.

One of the first I did was for the serio-comedy "A Company of Wayward Saints."

Feel free to visit my Youtube Channel for all the good (and not-so-good).